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Tower Bridge

The world's most famous bridge dates back to Victorian Times. The typography that makes up this image gives you some great ideas for things you can do along the River Thames.

Routemaster Bus

The original Routemaster hit the streets in 1954. Today, the red bus is a London icon. Listed on here are some of the famous London neighbourhoods, which ones have you been to?

Black Cab

Another London icon. Did you know that all London cab drivers take an exam called The Knowledge which makes them experts at navigating round London? This image is made up of infamous Cockney Rhyming Slang; Trafalgar Square = chair, Flounder and Dab = taxi cab.

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's, once the largest cathedral in England, with the largest crypt in Europe is an iconic part of the London skyline. 

Post Box

The red post box marked with ER in reference to Queen Elizabeth can be found all over London. You will find them near to the locations listed on this artwork.

Phone Box

London is an international city with over 300 languages spoken. This post box is illustrated with words for "Hello" in fifteen different languages.


The Crown Jewels are kept under guard in the Tower of London. They are priceless but are still used by the British Monarchy for state occasions. 

Battersea Power Station

The disused power station can be clearly seen from various points down the River Thames. Listed here are some of the many attractions to be found south of the river.


Show how much you love London with this pink heart made up of romantic places to hang out in London.


Only in London can you find so many different kinds of food in one city: Portuguese custard tarts, Spanish chorizo, curry and of course fish and chips. You're bound to find something to whet your appetite.

River Thames

There are lots of attractions to be found all along the River Thames. This famous river divides London into what Londoners call "north of the river" or "south of the river".


London has some elegant and unique buildings for cultural outings. This dainty ballerina is made up of typography ranging from the Painted Hall in the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich to the spectacular Royal Albert Hall.


Chinatown has been a part of London since the eighteenth century when the first Chinese sailors arrived. Now it's a bustling part of town, with great food and celebrations every year for Chinese New Year when you can be sure to see an eye-catching dragon like this one.


Almost a third of London is green space - more than any other city its size in the world. There are eight Royal Parks covering 5,000 acres or the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew has a huge collection of plants from around the world.



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